What is a sperm bank?
A sperm bank is a laboratory facility that freezes and stores sperm collected either from male patients or sperm donors.
Wijnland Sperm Bank offers sperm freezing to patients for future use in fertility treatment. Donor sperm samples can also be provided by Wijnland Sperm Bank to patients that need it in order to conceive a child.
What is a sperm bank?

A sperm bank freezes and stores sperm samples, also known as the cryopreservation of sperm. This procedure can be done for patients in need of preserving their fertility or for use in fertility treatment, due to a variety of personal or medical reasons. Another function of a sperm bank is to provide sperm donor samples to patients, due to various reasons, require it in order to conceive a child.

Why freeze sperm?

A variety of reasons could exist why a man would need to freeze his sperm. Fertility preservation may be necessary for a number of reasons, as in certain cases where patients are diagnosed with cancer. Certain cancer treatments affect male fertility, some permanently others temporarily but if sperm is stored before the commencement of the specific cancer treatment, it can be used for future fertility treatment.

Sperm freezing is also an option for prospective fertility use, as in cases where the physical presence of the male partner may be impractical or impossible during fertility treatment, due to various reasons.

If you are considering sperm freezing, or need more information about the process, please refer to the Wijnland Fertility Clinic website

Another important function of a sperm bank is to collect, store and provide donor sperm samples to patients who are need thereof to conceive a child.

Why use donor sperm?

Various reasons could exist why donor sperm would be needed in order to conceive a child. Below we mention a few examples where donor sperm can be utilized;

  • Azoospermic male patients, who do not have sperm present in the produced semen sample. This diagnosis is confirmed by means of a testicular biopsy.
  • Single female patients ready to start a family.
  • Same-sex female couples.