Counselling & assisted selection
A sperm bank freezes and stores sperm samples, also known as the cryopreservation of sperm. This can be done for patients in need of preserving their fertility, or for use in fertility treatment due to a variety of personal or medical reasons. Another function of a sperm bank is to provide stored donor sperm samples to people who need to make use of them in order to conceive a child.
Assisted Selection
We happily assist patients with the process of choosing a donor if they struggle to make a choice. The recipients complete a profile form that we use to assess a few possibilities. The profiles of the recipients and the available donors are compared according to physical matching, personality and educational backgrounds. We then compile a shortlist of two to four donors and provide it to the recipients. The recipients can then choose a donor from the shortlist.
There is a lot to think about and to consider when it comes to starting a donor family There might also be things you haven't thought of yet - but don't worry, we've got this covered. We are committed to offering every recipient and donor extensive guidance and support. This is of as much importance for the donor and the recipient, as it is for the future child.