Welcome to
Wijnland Fertility Clinic
We have been working with infertility for over a decade by assisting families to find solutions to the fertility obstacles that can prevent conception.
Many people are choosing to have their families in a completely new way, creating modern families through love, science and community. Children born through the donor process are among the most longed for children in the world, but choosing this path can be filled with many emotions. At Wijnland Sperm Bank, we bring all our expertise and compassion into this experience to assist families by providing superior quality care during their journey.
Where it all started

Wijnland Clinic has been working with infertility for over a decade by assisting families to find solutions to the fertility obstacles that can prevent conception.

Dr Johannes Van Waart, an Obstetrician and Gynaecologist specialising in infertility, has provided fertility treatment to patients since 2001 and is considered a leader in his field. After completing the specialist training as an Obstetrician and Gynaecologist at the Stellenbosch University Medical School, Dr van Waart completed his post-specialist fellowship in Reproductive Biology and Menopause. Subsequently, in 2007, he went to France where he completed additional training in Laparoscopic Surgery.

Lizanne van Waart has an interest in Reproductive Psychology and is passionate about providing support for fertility patients. Lizanne completed her Master’s degree in Psychology at Stellenbosch University, with her thesis focusing on fertility counselling. Concurrently, she provided psychosocial guidance for fertility patients at the clinic. Lizanne continued to develop her understanding of infertility, travelling globally to collaborate with experts and to establish a sound emotional and ethical foundation for counselling, not only for fertility patients, but also donor families.

Together with their formidable team, the Van Waarts are at the forefront of medical and psychological support for patients.

Our Ethos

Wijnland has invested wisely in its intellectual property, giving its patients exposure to exceptionally trained staff who are committed to upholding and continuously striving to improve international standards and success rates.

We believe that best practice and the best people are a winning combination, and we put this ahead of all our goals. At our clinic, we believe our success rates speak for themselves, and at the core of this success is our ongoing dedication to a patient-centred approach.

We welcome our patients with compassion, not only treat their psychological and social beliefs with care and respect. Each individual who comes to us, is a unique person and we recognise this in the way we approach our treatment programmes.

We believe that biological, psychological and social factors all play a significant role in your wellbeing. Coupled with our passionate drive for innovative and proven science, you will experience a state-of-the-art laboratory environment and advanced technologies to provide you with the best possible care in assisted reproduction.


Big decisions should be taken in caring, capable environments. We are here to offer our expertise and honest advice, considering the long-term wellbeing of you and your family. Many of the staff at our clinic have walked a path similar to you and understand what it means to dream of a family.

Our Patient-centred Approach at Wijnland Fertility is what differentiates us. Most of our fertility services are provided by several other clinics, but they are offered in isolation.
Wijnland Fertility chooses to use a biopsychosocial model (BPS), which is a general model stating that biological, psychological (thoughts, emotions and behaviours) and social (socio-economic, environmental and cultural) factors play a significant role in human functioning in the context of disease or illness.

We aim to treat patients physically, psychosocially and socially in a warm and welcoming environment. For us, it is not just about success rates, but rather the entire experience.
We know that sometimes the emotions you are feeling are overwhelming, and we will help you to cope with, and even grow through, the experience. Come and see why it feels different at Wijnland.